About me

As the clever among you may have deduced, my name is Zack Smith! I am currently a Utah based artist (or wherever I happen to be doodling)

I’ve been a doodler most all my life – the margins in all my notebooks were always filled with crazy little sketches, but I never really considered myself an artist.

After serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Mexico, I became interested in becoming an animator or a game designer to further my ambitions to tell stories. As part of my program at Utah Valley University I began drawing more and more.

Going to Salt Lake FanX as an attendee in 2014 and seeing my classmates selling their art, it became a goal of mine to sell art there someday. After graduating UVU in 2017 I finally found the time to work on my own art projects, and in 2018 I fulfilled the goal of selling art at my own booth. Since then, I have sold twice more at Salt Lake FanX in 2019, and at the 2019 Salt Lake Gaming Con.

I’m looking Forward to many more cons in the future! Hopefully more than just Utah!

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