Chessmate was my senior film project. Inworking on this project I contributed on initial concept, made 3D models for the film, animated several scenes, and was the Render Lead on getting the film finished.

Cyborg Shrimp: Rise of Dr Calamari

The first larger scale project that I have worked on as a compilation. In this project I was on the team the came up with the concept for the story, worked on the storyboards and concept art, and I did the source animations for the shrimp drop inside the whale. The scene where Dr. Calamari crawls away from the giant shrimp, I did the initial storyboards as wall as the source animations that were redone in the final version. Click here to see my contributions to Dr. Calamari.

How Coyote made the Milky Way

I worked on this project as part of the UVU international workshop in 2016. This is based on a Navajo legend, and as part of the workshop we did lots of research into Navajo culture and even took a trip to the Navajo Nation in Arizona.

The School Story

The School Story was a project that I worked on with my twin brother, experimenting with putting animation into photography.

Cliff Jump

This was a project for my Survey of Animation class that I really enjoyed working on. The character is Zeke, who I would like to do something with in the future, but for now, I was delighted to have him playing with squids.


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